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Michael Moore

Michael is a digital content producer with a background in sales. Most recently he has worked for Demand Media, creating content at scale in a variety of content categories including technology and automotive content. Michael is experienced in overseeing the entire process from conception and recruiting to quality assurance and digital product management.

Michael has also worked with content startups from the initial strategy stages. He has taken part in UI/UX design and wire-framing for apps and digital products. His skill set includes creating editorial stylebooks tailored to sites and businesses and verifying that digital and social media content is performing to expectations.


Marketing Communications including direct mail and space ad sales copy writing, print ad design conception and supervision, production and editing, product package design & instruction, blog writing and editing & supervision.
Social Media Editor including the creation of content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. Direct editorial staff, coordinating and participating in the production of new content, site upkeep, functionality and growth. Oversee and participate in all launches and innovations such as mobile app development and site-wide overhauls.

Content Creation including recruiting and evaluation of talent (writers, editors and video producers), creating SEO titles, setting budgets and publishing quotas, meeting production deadlines and quotas, creating the company blog and moderating the contractor forums, optimizing creation with different content management systems. Product Design and Improvement including UI/UX design, wire-framing new CMS products, developing workarounds for bugs when lacking development resources, evaluating efficiency and impact when determining where to place resources, and using JIRA to communicate with developers.

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