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Joe Nunez

Joe is an Image Maker. This Newark, New Jersey born artist has worked in the industry for many years as an Art Photographer, Director, Digital Artist and Illustrator working under numerous celebrity fashion photographers from LA to NYC. After seeking and securing an internship for Markus & Indrani he set out to build to further work on his craft. His work can be found at

Style: Joe ideally shoots high contrast black & whites and developed his “style” through his unique use of mixing imagery from numerous source material that have bold colors and along with drawn lines and occasional use of text on top of the original image which are very cryptic and complex with Mixed-Media influences but at other times very classic and simple.

Directing: When Joe shoots he builds a connection with his subjects prior to taking a single shot which creates an open platform for the model to explore while still leading them with precise direction. His images are strong in it’s raw form but Joe “remixes” his images to truly make them completely new and unique. His images will take you on very personal journey which will leave you wanting to know what direction his next image will take.

Personal Project: Joe created Modelcitizensonline under his umbrella of which is a platform developed as a safehaven for collaborations with young and older talented models and performance artists for us to showcase their skills and value the human aspect of each individual without fear of unprofessional behavior.

Influences: Helmut Newton, Platon, Beowulf, Mario Testino, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Dave

Lachapelle, Andy Warhol, Basquiat & Nick Knight. Theses masters are in their own world but that’s what

you get when you see his influences colliding and the spoils are for you to see.

 “Art is a never-ending experiment of the heart.”

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